Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a treatment method designed to facilitate recovery after a serious injury, illness or surgery. It is aimed at restoring the physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functions of the patient.

The goal of a rehabilitation program varies depending on the patient's needs, but is aimed at achieving a quick recovery. This program assists the patient to return to normal life through therapy or training.

Post-operative rehabilitation program offers faster healing.

A rehabilitation program is recommended for people who cannot resume their normal activities following an injury or a surgery. The rehabilitation team works with the patient on various physical activities and flexibility exercises that help to regain the strength and motion of the muscles in the injured site.

Various techniques employed in a rehabilitation program have significance of their own in improving physical performance and restoring the patient to normal activities.

  • Stretching and bending exercises improve flexibility of the muscles around the injured site
  • Massage techniques relieve the tension of the muscles and improve the blood flow to the site of injury
  • Stability exercises restore the functions and movements of broken or injured joints
  • Use of appropriate gear corrects biomechanical dysfunction, such as specially designed running shoes which are recommended for sports individuals with foot injury. These shoes have a harder material inside the sole which holds the foot firmly.
  • Proper movement patterns help correct muscle imbalances that also lead to further injury

Things to bring or be prepared for at Physical Therapy:

  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • Bring any corrective devices: walker, wheelchair, braces
  • Where tennis shoes
  • Bring home exercise program and any questions you may have had since last doctors or PT visit
  • Make sure you eat breakfast and drink plenty of fluids

You therapist will help determine the appropriate plan of care with you at your first visit. This will be based on your procedure and post-operative healing protocol.